Fotografie počítače, na kterém je otevřená stránka s článkem o kampani

We’re already known for quality and good design. It’s time to add sustainability

Quality, technology, design and sustainable development – these are the four key values of Grohe, the leading global manufacturer of sanitary equipment. In Czechia, Grohe is a synonym for luxury, top quality and design products; however, sustainability is not frequently discussed. It was our task to change this.

We go beyond the target group limits

Grohe customers are people about 28+ years of age interested in technology, who are concerned about buying a home, remodeling, or who already have their own place and are interested in ecology and a sustainable way of life.

However, saving water goes beyond this target group, which is why we addressed the general public in our campaign.

Campaign objectives

  • To strengthen the Grohe brand in connection with sustainability
  • To link the Grohe brand with saving water and long-term sustainability
  • To reach the general public and teach people how to save water
  • To communicate the topic of sustainability from a long-term perspective

We set the number of banner displays and clicks on campaign and company web sites as KPI.

Our solution: online campaign

“Drinking water sources are limited and the responsibility for dealing with them is up to us. We all are shareholders in and we cannot fail and go bankrupt.”

We spread this idea on Facebook, Instagram, through influencers and PR articles. We chose the communication channels based on the budget and optimization of results. Take a look at what we flooded the Internet with. 👇

Facts, minimalistic graphics, clear message

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (VŠCHT) worked with us and helped with the professional contents, and we shared tips on how to save water. We do not go deep into details – we want to start a discussion and make people think about how they can help.

The social network campaign started with posts showing simple statistics and infographics on how much water is wasted. In the second phase of the campaign, we introduced Grohe products that can help save water.

Snímek sponzorovaného příspěvku, který propaguje používání perlátoru

Various formats, high impact

With respect to the campaign’s main objectives, we chose videos, animations, static contributions, 360° format and Instant Experience. Because of this, we managed to efficiently invest money, reach a broad target group (younger people on Instagram, older ones on Facebook) and gain better results than we had originally anticipated.

Honest discussion

Without an open social discussion, it is impossible to change the perspective on any topic. It is crucial not to be afraid of people’s reactions, to actively respond and to moderate the debate. The best promotion is when users join the discussion, adopt the topic and become its ambassadors. And this is exactly what we managed to do!

Snímek diskuze, kde Grohe interaguje s uživateli

All roads lead to the microsite

The official Grohe web site provided only limited options for working with it. That is why we created the simple microsite with tips for saving water. We linked to it from every channel.

Fotografie počítače s otevřenou webovou stránkou

Challenge for influencers: 70 liters of water per day

Influencers were asked to try managing on only 70 liters of water per day – the amount available for inhabitants of Cape Town with its severe water shortage.

Veronika Arichteva and Kovy as media crowd-pullers

The aces up our sleeve were influencers Veronika Arichteva and Kovy. Kovy especially was able to attract media giants such as Blesk bydlení, where we arranged for an interview with him.

We prepared a transparent assignment for our influencers including information that may help them educate their fans. They shared water saving tips and interesting statistical data in their InstaStories. Both influencers had the greatest impact on the target group between 24 and 35 years of age. In comparison with the brand campaign on Grohe profiles, the influencers’ fans’ comments were much more positive (#nohate).

PR storm

The campaign also appeared in lifestyle magazines and on web sites on living, ecology and marketing. Our press releases are based on cooperation with influencers, specific tips for saving water and money and comparisons of water consumption using various Grohe products and sanitary technologies.

Fotografie počítače s otevřeným článkem o šetření vodou

Results: Better than we hoped for

We managed to exceed all KPIs. The whole campaign was so successful, that we started discussions about localizing it for other countries.

1 163,007 unique users in 2 months and nearly 5 million views

1 163 007 unique users represent 83% of the target group we defined based on interests and campaign data. The campaign delivered 4 901 259 impressions in total with an average CPM of 36 CZK and average frequency of adverts viewed per user of 4.2, which is a very good result if we take into account that the campaign was optimized to send users to the microsite

InstaStories beat the other formats by miles

65% of budget was taken by Facebook and 35% by Instagram. It is interesting, though, that Instagram had 63% of the total views, mostly owing to interactive InstaStories. Use them in every phase of brand awareness; they are worth it.

Fotografie telefonu s interaktivním instagramovým „story“ od Grohe

One-fifth of views came thanks to the influencers

Influencers – in whom we invested 27% of the costs – brought 20% of the views on the campaign microsite.

Twice the impact in the media

We had 25 mentions in the media and exceeded the plan by 20%. We had 10 huge media mentions with nationwide impact instead of the 5 we planned, which is twice as much!

70 total articles in the press

We managed to break through to all versions of the daily Deník, which means 72 articles on the web and 70 in the press across the entire Czech Republic. In spite of adverse circumstances (paradoxically, there were floods in the Czech Republic at that time) we managed to push the topic through to journalists and to agree on the direction the message could take in the future.

What is the lesson to be learned?

  • Make the idea your own before your competitors do.
  • Communicate in a simple and consistent way. Figures, statistics and facts work well.
  • Cooperation between creative departments and PR specialists with a common definition and interconnecting topics will surely pay.
  • In the case of expert topics, it is crucial to quote sources. For future campaigns we will prepare a special tab to which users can refer.
  • To address a broad target group, it is efficient to use a mix of formats. InstaStories proved to be very effective to support views.
  • It is important to prepare community management scenarios to be able to react fast. Don’t be afraid of negative comments.
  • Negative comments are less frequent on Instagram.


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