Fotografie průhledu z domu Máj na Národní třídu

Task? To fill the empty building

At the end of May the leases of the existing shops ended. We had a big job – to inform the world that the iconic Máj building on Národní třída was vacant and ready for new lessees. But only for a short time before the reconstruction started.

Together with the client we decided on a new concept – a pop-up store. And it was our task to communicate all this within just one month.

And we did it properly

Within this short time, we created a new graphic identity, took pictures of the empty department store premises and created a web site to win new lessees. At the end of May we launched a performance and content campaign on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn supported by a targeted PR in the media.

And the result? The campaign worked best on Instagram, where the conversion ratio was 1.7%. Thanks to this, we got so many leads in one month that we managed to completely fill the department store Máj.

You can see for yourselves when you stop by or read the press release for more information. 😉

Ukázka variant loga a lineární ilustrace obchodního domu MájLaptop s otevřenými webovými stránkami „“


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