Fotografie muže v boxerských rukavicích před zrcadlem v koupelně

We knocked out all incomprehensible products

The assignment was: To prepare a creative concept that is funny, based on hyperbole and a bold visual style. In cooperation with the client, we selected the following sentence as the main campaign claim: “Fight for your place in the bathroom”.

The main hero, styled as a boxer, arrives at an imaginary boxing ring — a bathroom, where he fights with plenty of products incomprehensible to him, complicating his everyday routine. The client wanted to introduce the Syoss brand products as a comprehensive solution for men’s cosmetics that is easy for customers to understand and to find a product that meets their needs.

We used this concept to prepare the individual creatives for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

And the result? A clear triumph for Syoss

The communication was based on a 15-second video, the main theme of which was a boxing match. We added 4 more bathroom stories in the form of 6-second bumpers. We used the video series to prepare static visuals. All outputs were worked up in the formats for the above-mentioned social networks including IG stories, etc.

The visual style of the video was also used for static formats that completed the whole campaign.

We also created a landing page in the same style, where the entire Syoss Men product line was introduced. The audience had an opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of all products and to choose the ones that are best for them.

The campaign ran in Czechia and Slovakia and generated more than 9 million impressions in one month.

Fotografie počítače s otevřenou webovou stránkou


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