About us

Finding the right customers and selling them a product is the hardest part

Luckily, we're in this together. Use our help in specific scope of work, or simply let us take care of the whole thing – from the business strategy and marketing to service, development or production.

The companies we build and develop within the group complement each other, but they also work independently.

Kuba Novák

Story TLRS
Creative Director

Karel Pluhař

Topic PR

Adéla Marešová

Story TLRS

Piero Šesták

Near & Dear
Managing Partner

Šimon Vodrážka

VNV Productions

Slávek Nejedlý

Story TLRS

Tomáš Urbánek

Triple Bang. Agency

Our companies

We have the courage to make a change

We have experience and know-how, we can improvise, we are creative and we are not afraid to use it. We put people first and take pride in a strong company culture, in which we make space for self-realization.

Our projects

We can build a company from scratch or jump into a running business

You name it. Everything we've learned so far while inventing and launching projects is being used to move brands to another level.

Our clients

Brands we've helped to move forward


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